Wolf Tone

Trains And Saxophones

Wolf Tone

PB7 023

Wolf Tone (Berghe) / Third Day At Work (Gidlund) / Carnaval (Berghe) / Waltz For Maggie (Gidlund) / Aset ( Berghe) / Valsballad (Berghe) / Bebop (Berghe) / Home At Last (Gidlund)

Andreas Gidlund sax, Ludvig Berghe piano, Martin Höper bas, Lars ”Lade” Källfelt drums

”Wolf Tone” is a debut album filled with energy and irresistible joy delivered by a new Swedish jazz group, Trains and saxophones. Sixty-nine minutes of exciting, swinging and lyrical jazz. A loaded train of good jazz music.

Produced by Trains And Saxophones. Recorded May 13/14 2012 Södermalm, Stockholm. Mix by Trains And Saxophones. Mastering by Joakim Söderström. Photo by Leo Hermodsson. Cover Art by Ivan Lagergren. Thanks to Björn Hårdstedt, Bert och Nina.