CEO, Patrik Boman


Harri Ihanus(with Jerry Bergonzi, Renato Chicco and Andrea Michelutti)

Bro time PB7 043

Release 20/5

Carl Orrje featuring Tony Reedus & Essiet Essiet

Single release 6/5 I Didn’t Know What Time It Was

Single release 20/5 Empty Streets

Single release 17/6 Born To Be Blue

Single release 15/7 Dark Skies Pt. 1, Dark Skies Pt.2

Album release 5/8 102 Greene St. N.Y.C

Hector Bingert featuring Ruben Rada

Single release 25/3 ”Terapia de Murga – edit”

Single release 8/4 ”Funkdombe – edit”

single release 22/4 ”La vuelta de Rada – edit”

Album release 6/5 ”Candombe”

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