Marcks Brothers


PB7 019

John Högman – tenoer saxophone, Mats Larsson – guitar, Magnus Marcks – doublebass, Bosse Söderberg – drums

It all started in 1970 in Uppsala´s Monday Club, at a series of jazz concerts. Ben Webster was the soloist eith a Swedish band. In the front row sat a tall skinny teenager who was somewhat indiscreetly recording the fabulous preformance. It was John Högman. I told him I played double bass; he told me he played the tenor saxophone and loved Lester Young. He suggested phoning a pianist friend of his (Ulf Johansson-Werre). We formed a band and spent the next 3 or 4 years playing with various drummers. In 1974 I met Bosse Söderberg at the big band at Stockholm´s Royal Collage of Music. It was swinging form beat one, so much so that I thought he and I had the same DNA, as though we were brothers.

In 1988 I met Mats Larsson. He played with great warmth and wisdom, clearly a natural musician. I looked up to him like a brother. Over the years I have played with John, Bosse and Mats in various contexts but never as a quartet. In the spring of 2010 I coincidentally brought my ”brothers” together for a lunch-time concert. And then the music flowed. Everything felt completely natural, as if by magic. That´s the story of Marcks brothers.