”Soul Searching”

Patrik Boman

”Soul Searching”

PB7 033

Magnus Wiklund trombone, Amanda Sedgwick altosaxophone, Max Schultz guitar, Carl Orrje piano, Patrik Boman double bass, Chris Montgomery drums

Recorded at Atlantis Studio, Stockholm, 2016-05-11. Recording engineer Janne Hansson. Mixed by Patrik Boman at PB7. Mastering by Claes Persson at CRP Recording. Produced by Patrik Boman. All compositions written and arranged by Patrik Boman. Cover photo and cover design by Mikael Silkberg.

With his fifth album under his own name Patrik Boman continues his quest of the music for the future. Boman doing so by looking back and playing homage to the heroes of the history in the artform we call jazz. Together with his fellow musicians he creates a powerful unit, a maelstrom of emotions, grooves and inspired improvisations.