Bernt Rosengren Q


PB7 036

Jazz is a music form that, according to us, is the best live experience – at the moment, here and now. During the almost 15 years that Quartet existed, Bernt has almost every concert taken with songs that we have never played before. Small arrangements like the time we play often change and reform, depending on the way the music shows. A game style that only works when the chemistry, trust and communication in the group are fully matched.

When we entered the studio to record the group´s fourth album, the goal was to get just the live feel, but with the studio`s benefits as a warm acoustic sound and a good, well-tuned grand piano.

All songs on the album are recorded in the order they appear on the disc, with the same arrangement as if we were to have played a concert. With the difference that no audience is there and that we took some breaks for coffee and lunch. Now, as a listener, you will experience just what we experienced in the studio for two days in May. Hans Backenroth, bass / producer