Remembering Billie

Monica Borrfors & Sweet Jazzz Trio

Remembering Billie

PB7 004, Recorded 24-25 May 2004

My man / Them there eyes / It´s easy to remember / I cover the waterfront / Our love is here to stay / But Beautiful / God bless the child / I should care / Good moming heartache / The end of a loveaffair / You don´t know what love is / Lover come back to me

Monica Borrfors vocal, Lasse Törnqvist cornet, Mats Larsson guitar, Hans Backenroth acoustic bass

Monica and the trio continues on the path of success layed down with their first album together ”A Certain Sadness”. On this second time around they have refined their collaboration and they leave you breathless as they pay tribute to one of the ”legends of Jazz”, Billie Holoday.