Johnny Mob In Deep City

Patrik Boman Seven Piece Machine

Johnny Mob In Deep City

PB7 001, Recorded July 5-6 2002

Cyber Sam / Cactys Without Prickles / Deep City / Sad Story / Little Sister / Down and Out / Honey Sweet / What? / Deep Dome / The Stomp / Ballad

Patrik Boman double bass, Magnus Broo trumpet, Per ”Texas” Johansson tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass-clarinet, contrabass-clarinet, Karl Martin Almqvist tenor saxophone, altoflute, Gunnar Bergsten baritone saxophone, flute, Peter Nordahl piano, Daniel Fredriksson drums

Bass player Patrik Boman’s following-up, from the last award winning album. One of Scandinavia’s most popular bands with a Swedish All Star line up. Extraordinary!