If What

Harri Ihanus

If What

PB7 044

1. For L

2. Easyland

3. Excludability

4. Lokes Theme

5. If What

6. Cannonica

7. Inhumankindly

8. Marias Mood

9. December 9

10. Too Rich In Zurich

All compositions by Harri Ihanus

On December 15, Harri will release his fourth album with his original music, where he once again plays together with the American saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi , bassplayer Dave Santoro, the Danish pianoplayer Carl Winther and drummer Andrea Michelutti.
Jerry Bergonzi ́s playing is as usual impressive, powerful, creative and lyrical and together with the band you will hear straight jazz, drive and interplay.

Dave Santoro is Professor at Berklee College Of Music in Boston and plays together with Dick Oatts. Carl Winther is one of the foremost pianists in Denmark with great experience. Andrea Michelutti lives in Paris where he performs with both European and American musicians. Harri has played with Jerry Bergonzi through the years but also with various players in Sweden.