Höst i Lund

Sigurd & Brundin

Höst i Lund

PB8 011

Anna-Lena Brundin vocal & lyrics
Jan Sigurd vocal, compositions & lyrics
Sébastien Charlier harmonica (2, 3)
Inge Petterson Lindbäck tenxorsaxophone & clarinet (9, 10, 12, 14)
Sven Bjerstedt piano (1-4, 6-14)
Lennart Gruvstedt drums 1-4, 6-14)
Lasse Lundström bass (1-4, 6-14)
Ole Kock Hansen piano (5, 15)
Aage Tanggaard drums (5, 15)
Mads Winding bass (5, 15)
Filip Runesson strings (1, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11)
Emil Sjunnesson percussion (14)
Lasse Halapi banjo & bas (2) guitar (6)

Everyone sings about Paris, London and New York – even Stockholm now and then. Anna-
Lena Brundin and Jan Sigurd want to widen the horizon. ”Höst i Lund” acknowledges their home town, Lund. Every song is a musical short story taking place in the little medieval town in the south of Sweden. But the topics are universal: Love, longing, divorce and old cars. Most tunes are written by Jan Sigurd and with lyrics by Anna-Lena and Jan. But you also find a few songs
by Bengt Sigurd, Jans father, Carlos Gardel and Sten Broman. The latter was a classical composer and introducer of classical music, born in 1902, dead in 1983. He usually wrote 12- tone compositions but the title song here included (Höst i Lund) is an exception – a romantic valse – which now has fresh lyrics by Jan and Anna-Lena. Bengt Sigurd was a linguist who wrote and played music in his spare time. The carnival samba here included was written in the late fifties to enter the competition for a lead theme accompanying that year’s carnival. Here, for the first time, it brings to life the joy and party that fills the small city every fourth year since 1863. In the 1970’s Lund became a major destination for south American immigrants and thus the tango came to town. Carlos Gardel’s El dia que me quieras has never before been interpreted in Swedish. This version also differs from most Argentinian in that it is played and
sung in the way of a jazz ballad. Jazz has always been the music style closest to the heart of
the Lundeners.

Recorded at Berno Studio and Heaven Studio by Berno Paulson & Lasse Halapi
Track 5 recorded at Audiophone by Aage Tanggaard
string arrangements by Håkan Anderson (1, 7, 11) & OlovHelge (6, 8, 10)
mixing by Lasse Halapi
Mastring by Hoffe Stannow at Cosmos mastering
photo & graphic design Pär Ola Bruhn