First Step

Bag Ladies

First Step

PB7 042

Catharina Wiborg alto saxophone, Gunnel Samuelsson tenor saxophone and flute, Ann Blom piano and vocal Patrik Boman double bass, Henrik Wartel drums

1. El Regalo

2. The Smile

3. Laura

4. Jackie runs around

5. När jag ser dig

6. Bossa for a boy called Aimar

7. Sol de nit

8. Those who never met

Recorded at Yardhouse studio, Recording engineer: Gerhard ”Kuno”Kunosson and Andreas Rydman, Mixed at PB7 studio by Patrik Boman, Mastered by Claes Persson at CRP Recording, Fotos: Anna Wahrby, Front cover foto: Catharina Wiborgh, Cover design by Johan von Friedrich at Slowfox production, This production is released with help from the Swedish Arts Council

When Patrik Boman asked me if I’d like to write something for Bag Ladies’ new record I said
yes with a slight bit of hesitation. I felt a tad biased having known everyone except Gunnel Samuelsson
for next to 40 years. I heard Catharina Wiborg at Bollnäs Folkhögskola. I met Ann Blom at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm and she played in my musical groups outside of school as well. I met Patrik and Henrik when they were teenagers and I heard Gunnel with Bag Ladies a couple of years ago.
I’m impressed by Catharina’s seven compositions and arrangements. Sometimes she lets the alto saxophone
and the flute play in unison which creates a new sound, so simple and unaffected!
Laura is the only standard tune on the record and it’s received a contemporary makeover in a version sung by Ann accompanied by her own exquisite piano playing (Blossom Dearie couldn’t have done it better).
Gunnel Samuelsson’s tenor sax and flute playing is among the most exciting I’ve heard these past 20 years.   
Ann Blom is impeccable as a soloist as well as part of the excellent accompaniment together with Patrik Boman and Henrik Wartel.
There’s a cool and lyrical atmosphere imbuing this record which appeals to my nature as an incurable romantic.
Settle in and enjoy this record.
Nisse Sandström