”but I just couldn’t sleep, ’cause blues was on my mind”

Good Morning Blues

”but I just couldn’t sleep, ’cause bluse was on my mind”

PB8 010

Grow To Old / Hound Dog / Up The Line / I Want A Little Girl / Riding In The Moonlight / Jumping Jack Flash / Blue Light Boogie / The Weasil / Kidney Stew / Cypress / Grove Blues / Unchain My Heart / Rock Me Baby / All The Time In The World /Mary Anne / At Last

Recording engineer: John Högman, Mixed by: Anders Johansson and John Högman, Coverphoto by: Max Janson, Portrait photos by: Kent Pehrzon, Produced by: Good Morning Blues


John Högman, saxophone, vocal on track 7, bass on track 5. Jan Wärngren, piano. Claes Janson, vocal on track 1, 4, 9, 11, 13, 15 and guitar. Bosse Broberg, trumpet. Thomas Lindroth, bass and vocal on track 2, 5, 12, 14. Björn Sjödin, drums. Anders Johansson, guitar, vocal on track 3, 6, 10.

Legendary Swedish blues and jazz group ”Good Morning Blues” are releasing their eighth album. Though touring for 45 years, with the original members intact, they have no intention of quitting. GMB don´t look back, instead they are more than ever eager to interpret old and new classics.