Patrik Boman


PB7 028 / PB7 LP 001

Side A:

The CP Theme 04.56 (Paul Chambers / Miles Davis) / Stardust 09.41 (Hoagy Carmichael) / Evidence Of Just You Just Me 05.12 (Jesse Greer / Thelonious Monk / Leroy ”Slam” Stewart)

Side B:

Melancholy Albert 05.16 (Patrik Boman) / Helio 05.17 (Patrik Boman) / On The Sunny Side Of The Street 04.21 (Jimmy McHugh / Dorothy Fields) / DE 06.12 (Patrik Boman) Bonus track, only on CD, not on vinyl.

Here is an artist, feet firmly rooted in the grounds his musical likes and lives have taken him; he is not weary, rather remains a believer. He is not concerned with modernity for its own sake, rather chooses to remain close to these roots whilst signalling that also he wants to test new waters. And as this record will reveal in its uniqueness, all lovingly pays homage to hisheroes and ”teachers,” and at large this musical artform we call jazz. Patrik´s voice is ernest, resolute, and always engaging. – Seb Sly, June 23 of 2015, Stockholm